River Sledding


Setting the Scene

On the outskirts of the northwestern part of the city, a narrow, almost forgotten river snakes through Arvaikheer. The top 6 inches of the river are frozen solid in some parts of the river, giving children the opportunity to go sledding. During the month-long school break, we went on hikes and saw children making the most of freezing temperatures by sledding on scraps of plastic or discarded wood; we even participated in the river sledding!


As temperatures in Mongolia drop, Arvaikheer remains one of the warmer cities. However, temperatures are still cold enough to freeze the top portion of the river. Although residents are confined to their homes throughout most of the day, children manage to find a way to make the most of their free-time and find enjoyment in the frigid temperatures. Children in Mongolia are extremely resilient and arguably some of the cutest children to exist. Their ability to find pure joy in the simplest activities is enviable and a constant source of admiration.

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